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W Investigation & Security was established with the objective of providing the most professional and courteous of services within the private framework.  The company specializes in private investigations in a variety of fields, in security management at companies and factories, in criminal counseling and crisis management.

W Investigation & Security is characterized by a unique blend of rich experience with police work in the handling of complex cases in a variety of fields, alongside legal expertise in criminal law.  The company provides investigative services to leading companies, including Teva, as well as security services to companies like Paz and Kiryat Haplada.  In addition, the company provides professional and discreet investigative services to senior business persons in a variety of fields.

About Us

Ravit Wachsberger, Attorney

Wachsberger has served as senior investigative officer, at rank of superintendant, specializing in the handling of extensive, complex cases, both at Tel Aviv District Police and Lahav 433.  She has gained unique expertise in money laundering, with rich experience in handling economic cases, fraud cases under serious circumstances and public corruption.  She began her career in investigations, having paved her way during her military service as Intelligence Investigator in the IAF.  She completed her studies in Law, specializing in criminal law at Tel Aviv District Court.  She holds a Master's Degree in Law from Bar-Ilan University and a Mediator Certificate.  Upon completion of her studies, she directed an import company engaging in commerce with China, and developed her own start-up in the field, which was awarded seed investment by Formula.

Employee staff

Striving for excellence, we have chosen to work only with the best professionals in any field: skilled investigators, professional surveillant, experienced security officers and polygraph experts.  In addition, as much of today's activities take place on the Internet, and in light of the importance attributed to proper media exposure, we work with leading marketing managers and with senior computer engineers in the field.


W Investigation & Security incorporates within it a range of professional services – investigative, security, criminal counseling, polygraphs and surveillance – and enables each client to benefit from a unique service experience, all under one roof.  At W, we believe in integrating means and resources in a manner that will grant clients the most professional and efficient of service.  Therefore, with every client, we construct a work plan that includes a combination of services custom-made to each one's particular requirements, thus saving the client from having to turn to other individuals or groups.

Conducting private investigations

Investigations are undertaken by investigators licensed by the Ministry of Justice, who have held senior positions in the Israeli Police Force, in the Investigation and Intelligence departments, and who have rich experience in handling extensive and complex cases.

In the criminal field – W handles suspicions of theft and embezzlement at organizations, including institutional bodies, as well as suspicions of fraud and deception by organizational employees with external elements, eg. suppliers and subcontractors.  As an efficient tool in reducing organizational theft and embezzlement, we administer reliable employee examinations: regular examinations and assessments precluding preliminary recruitment to the organization or preceding promotion to a sensitive or senior position.

We have extensive experience in the handling of complex cases of fraud, both in the private and public sectors.  In order to establish or disprove alleged fraud in an organization, W makes intelligent utilization of a resource package that is custom-designed for each and every individual case.  We perform inquiries, surveillance, reliable testing and polygraphs – some or all – to attain the investigative truth swiftly and efficiently.

When necessary and in accordance with the client's wishes, w will act to establish a sufficient evidentiary foundation for the opening of a police investigation.  It should be stressed that in order to open an investigation, one must first establish the evidentiary foundation of reasonable suspicion in the committing of the alleged offenses.  With years of rich experience in the Israeli Police Force, we have the knowledge and ability to establish this necessary evidentiary foundation.

In the economic realm – we perform in-depth economic inquiries whose objective is to estimate the extent of the subject's assets and the circumstances in their attaining them, in situations where suspicions have arisen in this regard.  In addition, we perform economic capacity assessments, whose objective is to assess the financial strength of the debtor (individual, company or association) by identifying their property, in order to collect debts and to perform foreclosure proceedings.

In the field of business – We provide consultation to senior business people involved in business disputes, conflicts with legal authorities or at strategic crossroads in the organization, where competitive intelligence is required.  As a supporting tool in business decision-making, we also perform background checks on competitors or potential business partners.

In the personal realm – we perform surveillance on spouses/partners, while utilizing advanced technological resources.

Organizational security package for companies and factories

We supply a unique service comprising security packages suited to each separate corporation; these security packages entail a range of services that together constitute a strong, dynamic security network that changes in accordance with corporate requirements.  With extensive experience in security management in leading factories and organizations in Israel, we will create the ideal package for you for security management at your organization.  W will provide you with peace of mind and enable you to concentrate solely on the professional aspect of your work.What does the package include?  Loss prevention, risk surveys, investigations, surveillance, polygraph testing at a regular frequency and in accordance with organizational requirements – and all within the framework of monthly quotas set in advance, constituting an integral portion of the security package, and including the appointment of experienced and professional security directors responsible for the direction of the security department.

Comprehensive criminal counseling

Have you been summoned for a police/taxation authority/Israel Securities Authority investigation? Have you stumbled upon a criminal act?  Would you like to register a complaint with the police?  Before you act – stop!  And contact us.

As attorneys-at-law with years of extensive experience in holding senior positions in the Israeli Police Force, we will explain the situation to you from a legal and criminal aspect; we will clarify your rights and offer you a detailed plan of action whose sole objective is to optimally manage the crisis.  W believes in brainstorming and combining strengths.  Therefore, for each crisis we will select the appropriate professionals who will contribute their utmost to the creation of the optimal solution.  For example, in the case of media exposure, we will invite an Internet marketing expert to the discussion table.

Polygraph testing in a range of languages

Our polygraph experts are veterans of the security services with  more than two decades of rich experience in administering polygraph tests in Israel and overseas.  The service is uniquely provided in a variety of languages:  Hebrew, Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.  Among other things, polygraph tests may be administered for verification of statements, during arbitration, for insurance purposes, as periodic organizational testing, following organizational events and as a tool for diagnosis and screening of job applicants.


W engages skilled detectives/trackers who are licensed by the Ministry of Justice, and who have years of experience in the Israeli Police Force in the performance of surveillance and observations.  As a result, the surveillance services we provide to our clients are efficient, brief and productive.  The surveillance includes total camouflage in the field, both stationary and mobile, in the tracking of an individual's actions, without arousing suspicion and while maintaining complete discretion.

Prior to the execution of each surveillance project, w staff insist on proper professional preparation – we collect all the required information on the subject of the surveillance, closely follow the subject's daily routine, acquaint ourselves with the nature of his/her activities and, in actuality, familiarize ourselves with most of the details making up his/her personality.  As attorneys with years of experience in senior positions on the Israeli Police Force, we insist on performing surveillance in accordance with the Privacy Protection Act and to professional rules of ethics.  As a result, the results of our surveillances can be utilized by client as acceptable evidence in a court of law.

W Investigation & Security


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